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yume.designs [entries|friends|calendar]

Welcome Minna!

Welcome to Ayume's graphics LJ. I'm just going to use this Journal to post my random layouts at the moment, that way I can keep them altogether and so I don't need to crosspost them all in my personal LJ.
Anyway, enjoy!


Johnny's Entertainment
x Matsumoto Jun
x Arashi
x Nishikido Ryo
x Akanishi Jin
x Kanjani 8
x Tackey & Tsubasa
x Taguchi Junnosuke
x Ueda Tatsuya
x Johnny's Jr.

Hello! Project
x Kago Ai
x Tsuji Nozomi

x Harry Potter
x Prince Caspian
x Joe Jonas

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[Layout] Joe Jonas ☆ [Tuesday
09/08/09 - 10:07pm]
I feel so bad, I haven't made a layout in almost a year. Gomen ne. m(n_n)m
Maaa, I do actually get inspired really easily...just give me a pretty boy. xD

Anyways~ So here's my comeback design. Enjoy~

Joe Jonas

☆~Joe Jonas~☆Collapse )
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10/27/08 - 10:14pm]

I THIS PIC o(^//^)o ~And it's almost Halloween, thus the Gothic Style.

I take your Life Forever~~†Collapse )
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The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian Layout [Tuesday
07/15/08 - 11:13pm]
Haven't posted any layout here for ages ~ Gomen ne ^^'
Anyways ~ I <3 Prince Caspian ~ therefore:

Things never happen Twice...~~☆Collapse )
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Two of a Kind - Matsujun & Ryo layout [Tuesday
02/12/08 - 10:23pm]
So, I thought I'd have a try at making a S2 style layout. It should be able to be used on all accounts: basic, plus & paid :)

Code etc!~~☆Collapse )
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A.M.N.O.S Layout [Sunday
11/11/07 - 10:26pm]
The pics from December Potato mag seem to make me feel really creative. lol.

Douzo!~~☆Collapse )
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Matsujun + snazzy car Layout [Saturday
10/20/07 - 1:46pm]
Aloha Minna~!
I know I'm supposed to be on a self-proclaimed semi-Haitus for a while ~ but hey, I just passed my driving test and suddenly I was inspired to be creative...with pictures of Jun + Cars xP

I made this one especially for those of you with plus/sponsored accounts :) But even if you don't have a plus account, feel free to use it ne ^^

Code this way~~☆Collapse )
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New Layout! [Wednesday
09/05/07 - 11:23pm]
Just wanna point out yume_designs has a new layout! o(^__^)v

The old one was waaay too old. lol. And this new one was inspired be me watching loads of Hello!Project concerts all one after the other for the past 6 hours XD ~~ I guess I still dream of becoming a Momusu gal. LOL!

yume_designs yume_designs yume_designs yume_designs yume_designs yume_designs
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SMAP Layout ☆ [Saturday
08/18/07 - 11:22pm]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NAKAI MASAHIRO ♥ ♥ ♥ ... my Ichiban JE Sempai~☆

Code etc under here~~☆Collapse )

There so needs to be more Sempai-love nowadays♥ ... it's like everyone's gone into a KAT-TUN-NEWS-KANJANI8 craze, and the other groups seem to be forgotten...well, groups like SMAP, TOKIO, V6 & Shonentai seem to be forgotten (V.V) ~ *is on a mission to spread their love*
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UPDATE : Matsujun LJ Layout [Wednesday
08/15/07 - 4:44pm]
Update : again. LOL


Code etc under here~~☆Collapse )

How many of you have sponsored/plus accounts? I'm just wondering if I should make more layouts which work with those accounts.
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[Update] Matsujun Layout [Thursday
06/28/07 - 8:11pm]
I hope you're all not sick of all these Matsujun layouts. LOL. He's just so beautiful and the pictures are always so perfect to work into graphics. ♥

Codes etc under here~~☆Collapse )
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[Update] Various Layouts [Saturday
06/23/07 - 6:11pm]
I want to apologise for not having updated here in a looong looong time. Gomen ne ^^'

Anyways, Layouts:

Can you feel the Summer? - feat. Arashi

Summer is Here~~☆Collapse )

Beautiful - feat. Matsumoto Jun

'cos he's Beautiful~~☆Collapse )

We Can Make It! - feat. Arashi

Yep, Arashi can make It~~☆Collapse )

There we go...all layouts up to date o(^______^)v
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Angelic :: feat. Matsujun [Monday
04/09/07 - 10:56am]

Code etcCollapse )
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Love so Sweet :: feat. Matsujun [Monday
04/09/07 - 10:15am]
Ok...this layout is like my absolute fave. lol. I'm so pleased with how it turned out. It's like my cherry on top of the cake (except that I don't like cherries much xD) ~~

Codes etcCollapse )
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Tackey & Tsubasa Layout [Monday
04/09/07 - 9:36am]
Sorry I haven't updated in a long long time ^^' ~~ and Happy Easter minna! (^___^)v

Codes etcCollapse )
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Kago Ai Layout [Friday
12/08/06 - 11:27pm]
Voila ~~ The other half of W (^__^)v

AIBON Layout:

Code etc along hereCollapse )
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Luna Lovegood Layout [Friday
12/08/06 - 11:24pm]

Alohamora ~~ XDDCollapse )
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MATSUJUN layout [Tuesday
10/31/06 - 10:32pm]
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! MINNA! (I know this layout hasn't really got anything to do with Halloween, but whatever. lol.)

It comes with a 'Friends Only' banner too. ^^

Codes etcCollapse )
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10/18/06 - 7:42pm]

code etc this wayCollapse )
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10/14/06 - 2:17pm]

codes this wayCollapse )
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10/14/06 - 2:15pm]

Codes etc this way...Collapse )
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