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→ This journal is my graphics-only journal.

→ So if your interested, please friend this journal.

→ I might make this journal 'friends only'.

→ Please read the instructions I post with layouts & such things, carefully before asking me about a problem.

→ On the other hand, don't hesitate to ask questions.

→ Please comment anyway, thats the most important thing. I like to see that I'm making things for a reason.

→ Yes, I will allow requesting. That doesn't mean I will certainly make it though.

→ When requesting a layout I will only make one featuring certain people;

× Any Johnny's Jimusho Boy/Group,

× Hello!Project Girls/Groups (as long as there are sufficient pictures,)

× The 'elite'/'most known' JPop singers (e.g Ayumi Hamasaki, BOA etc),

× Only T.M.Revolution & maybe Gackt for JRock Singers/groups,

× Japanese Doramas (as long as there are sufficient pictures),

→ I might make a few exceptions occasionally, so feel free to ask. Just don't be too upset if I say no.

→ So, I think that should be about it...Have fun!